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400 Pages - Full Colour

Available in PDF and EPUB formats so you can read on a range of devices.

With Information On:

  •  How to navigate around the new IDE
  • Using the new D&D
  • Writing and learning GML code
  • How to debug code, find and correct errors
  • Great tips & tricks through out the book

Learn How To Do:


  • Title screen & cut-scenes
  • Saving and loading game states and players score
  • Weapon selection and management
  • AI homing missiles
  • Coin based purchasing system
  • Enemy path following
  • Positional audio & music
  • HUD graphics
  • Multiple levels
  • Enemy spawning
  • Cool graphical effects

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eBooks Provided In PDF & EPUB

New To GameMaker: Studio?

If You're New To GameMaker: Studio, This Is The Book For You.

This book is an awesome introduction to GameMaker's GML programming language.

The 24 chapters each cover an important GML topic.

Includes download of all resources and project files.

Free PDF Preview.

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 Also available on Amazon, just search for Practical GameMaker: Studio

Practical GameMaker: Studio

Learn The Fundamentals Of GameMaker: Studio's GML Programming Language

This book offers a great introduction to GameMaker: Studio's GML programming language.

The main body of the book consists of 24 chapters that introduce programming elements, which includes chapters on Variables, Conditionals, Alarms, Sounds & Music, INI Files, Arrays and more besides.

Throughout the first 24 chapters you’ll learn important GML skills, which you will then apply as you make a fully featured Space Shooter Arcade game.

The book concludes with a selection of final assignments for you to tackle yourself, using your new GML skills.

This book is great for home study, or use in an educational setting – it even includes 50 question test that educators can use to assess students’ progress. Each of the 24 main chapters is sized to be suitable for an individual lesson.

All resources and project files are included.

Grab a Free PDF Preview Here

Available as an eBook or Paperback here

Also available on Amazon, just search for Practical GameMaker 

100 Programming Challenges

Push Your Programming Skills To Their Limit

Think you’re a good GML programmer?

Think again with the awesome book!

For each of the 100 challenges there is a outline of the task and some useful coding.

There is a completion time for each one, depending if you’re beginner, medium or advanced programmer.

For the more advanced there is an extra challenge for each, to push you to your limits.

Each comes with an example GMZ project file.

At the back of the book is a chart to record your progress.

Grab a PDF Preview Here

This book is available as an ebook or paperback here

Also available on Amazon, just search for GameMaker Programming Challenges.

Book Resources & Project Files

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