Practical GameMaker: Studio

Learn The Fundamentals Of GML Programming


This book offers a great introduction to GameMaker: Studio's GML programming language.

The main body of the book consists of 24 chapters that introduce programming elements, which includes chapters on Variables, Conditionals, Alarms, Sounds & Music, INI Files, Arrays and more besides.

Throughout the first 24 chapters you’ll learn important GML skills, which you will then apply as you make a fully featured Space Shooter Arcade game.

The book concludes with a selection of final assignments for you to tackle yourself, using your new GML skills.  

This book is great for home study, or use in an educational setting – it even includes 50 question test that educators can use to assess students’ progress. Each of the 24 main chapters is sized to be suitable for an individual lesson.

All resources and project files are included. 

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Available As An eBook or Paperback Via Apress

Also available on Amazon, just search for Practical GameMaker